Ffresh Talent 2018

Are you aged 16-19? Passionate about filmmaking? 
Want a career in the film industry? 
If so, the BFI Ffresh Talent programme is for you. Our course offers you the chance to be part of our future film industry in Wales.

Ffresh Talent will be running two BFI Film Academies, one academy in animation in Cardiff and the other academy on visual effects in Swansea.


A short course over 8 days, running in from October 29th – 2nd November 2018, with 3 more days to be confirmed after that. This will include masterclasses, a showcase, a studio tour and screening event of the work you create on the course for friends, family and invited film industry.

We’re looking for committed, enthusiastic young people with a passion for film who are looking to pursue a career in the industry. Ideally you will have had some understanding or basic experience of film, VFX or Animation and be looking to further learn and develop new filmmaking skills.

Committed participants who have completed an academy course can apply to attend the residential BFI Talent Campus at the National Film & Television School in 2018 offering an opportunity to work with top filmmakers, to further develop their skills and progress their career.

The cost to participate in the BFI Film Academy is £25 for the whole course. Bursaries are available to help with course fee, travel, child care or other costs. We are happy for participants to apply for both Animation in Cardiff and VFX in Swansea courses, however you will need to complete an application form for each course you are applying for separately to be considered for that specific course.

We recognise that sometimes people face barriers to attending professional development courses like these. Barriers may be geographical, travel related, financial or involve important personal commitments such as childcare or being a carer. Due to limited funds we cannot guarantee every Bursary application will be approved but they will be assessed individually by our panel against set criteria to ensure everyone has a fair chance of participating in this year’s Academies.

You need to be between the ages of 16 and 19 on the first day of the Academy programme. You must be a UK resident and able to commit to the programme for its duration. Please note that if you have taken part on a BFI Film Academy course previously (Network or Residential) you are not eligible to apply to a Network Course. If you have previously taken part on a Network course you may apply to do either a residential specialist course or the Craft Skills residential delivered by the NFTS. We are unable to accept applications from students currently enrolled or studying on a Higher Education course at university. This is due to the nature of our funding for these courses. Please see www.bfi.org.uk/filmacademy for more details.

30th September 2018

If you need any help with your application please email info@ffresh.com

For more information about past courses and to see some of the films made please visit www.bfi.org.uk/filmacademy


VFX: https://ffreshtalent.typeform.com/to/MmJfUx

ANIMATION: https://ffreshtalent.typeform.com/to/uA8465