Ffresh Industry Talent Award

typeform logo link buttonFfresh are on a mission to celebrate, promote and reward the very best ‘Ffresh industry talent’ working in Wales today. For the first time in 2017 to mark fifteen years of Ffresh festival and awards, we are inviting creative industry companies in Wales to submit entries for their best new talent and creatives working within their creative business.

So how do you define your best new talent? We are looking for employees or freelance contracted employees who have been working with you less than two years and are either full or part time working with your creative business.

The individual will have made a difference to your business in a way that is unique, over and above and out of the ordinary. They may have developed, created or supported you and your business in a new way or, alternatively, been a great asset, an outstanding communicator or someone who has won business for you. It may be someone who you feel deserves recognition for their hard work or a specific achievement. We are leaving it for you, the business owners to define what excellence means to you and how your employee exemplifies that.

We will be widely promoting our shortlist as the best new Creative Industry Talent in Wales today with press and media and we would love to include your nomination in this.

Nomination and Guidelines, as well as the application from can be found here

Deadline is 31st March 2017